Om Sai Pharma Agency is here to provide pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and mobile health services, with the immediacy that you require, 24 hours 7 days a week.
Find in our drugstore drugs, medicines and products with national health certificate. We ensure reliable distribution and prescribing drugs and high-quality, well-known pharmaceutical company with excellent career. Our pharmacy staff will be available to advise on administration, dosage and usage for each product and product, whether or dietary supplements, elements of sampling, special medical devices and cosmetics. Learn more about our services here on our website and feel free to contact us if you require personalized service. We are happy to help you solve your health needs and supply you with the medications they require.
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From Proprietor/MD's Desk:

We are here to distribute both Branded and Generic Medicines.There are  various type of drug companies established in INDIA who are into production of the enormous  healthcare products  required to  provide benifits for the people.Thease companies both origional and generics  analogus  of the various catagories of medicines. The pharmaceutical world has introduced innumerable solutions for the treatment of various  infections and diseases.Now you cal get any medicines at any city within a short time period.It is possible because the distribution of medicines are more powerfull than previous.We are here to supply good quality  medicines with good price also. 







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Frequent Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can we bye Pharmaceutical products directly from you ?

If you are a valid retailer having your Drug Licence Number as well as TIN no. then you are most welcome as our Customer

Expiry/Breakage can be settled or not ?

Yes, Ofcourse......We have branded companies and as per Company terms and conditions we are doing Exp/Breakage Replacement/settlement.

Can we get products trough credit Invoice ?

After 5 successfull cash transactions we will provide credit invoice for 21 days.

Transportation charges will be there or not ?

We supplied products within 100 Kms free of cust by our own risk. If you are far from it then normal charges will be applied of your convinient transporter

What is your mode of payment ?

We are receiving payments bellow Rs.20,000.00 through Cash and more than Rs.20,000/- must be done by Cheque/Demand draft/NEFT(Bank Transaction)

What is the time for your Financial Year Closing ?

Its the month of March of every Year.